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Web-Based Employee Directory / Corporate Search Software

icPeople is human resources software icPeople is simple and easy to use web-based employee directory search software designed for any size businesses. If your company does not have the employee directory intranet web site, icPeople is just right software for your organization.
icPeople is human resources software Use this easy to use search utility to find contact details of your co-workers. Create your own personal contact list by utilizing our Contact List feature.
icPeople is employee directory search software icPeople is fully web-based employee directory search engine that can be deployed for any size businesses. Unlike client-server business solution, icPeople is fully web-based, so there's never client software to distribute, install, configure, or maintain.
icPeople is web-based company employee directory software icPeople users will access icPeople on intranet, using a web browser.  Search can be performed on employee, location, and organization.   Personal Contact List can be maintained by each employee and can be displayed by single mouse click from the fast link toolbar on top.
icPeople is web-based corporate directory software ** We are currently busy converting icPeople software to the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 with additional new features.
Test drive icPeople - web based corporate directory search software Take a look at the live demo of this web-based company employee directory software.   To see why this may be ideal software for company employee directory software.
icPeople is web-based employee directory software For Sales Inquiries, Contact Sales.

Employee Directory Software icPeople News

NDI has purchased our Employee Directory Software icPeople 03/06/2008 - National Democratic Institute has purchased our icPeople software.
Union County Public Schools has purchased our Employee Directory Software icPeople 10/11/2007 - Union County Public Schools has purchased our icPeople software for Corporate Search, Employee Directory software.
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