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icTracker Software Frequently Asked Questions

icTracker is licensed based on the total number of named active users.

Every user you define in icTracker counts as one user.  Any user account can be disabled at any time and reassgined to someone else.

The following table shows the named license packages available for icTracker.  If you have any questions, please contact us at sales@ic-soft.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is icTracker different from theirs?

    To see how is our Project Management software package different from theirs, click here.

  • Can I get a demo copy of icTracker?

    You can now test drive icTracker over the internet against our web server.  Simply click here.

  • Can I submit an enhancement request or feedback about icTracker?

    You can submit an enhancement request or provide feedback using our Online Feedback form.

  • Can I access this software via the internet as opposed to the intranet?

    With the icTracker V3.0, we have introduced the installation type in the application profile table which will allow you to install the software on the corporate internet (www) site or the corporate intranet site.

  • What language is icTracker written in?

    icTracker is written in ASP (Active Server Pages), VBScript, Javascript, HTML, and a COM component. It is installed on your Microsoft IIS server.

  • Can we add our own Background images to the list of images in the "Preferences" section? If so, how!

    Yes, it is possible. See the following document on how: How to add your own background images.

  • What does it cost to upgrade later?

    You simply pay difference on cost of your current license to the new license. For example, to upgrade from 5 users license to 20 users license, you simply pay the difference between cost of 5 users license and 20 users license.

  • What hardware and software do I need to install icTracker?

    Please visit our System Requirements page.

  • How can I get the Microsoft SQL Server license that I need for installing icTracker software.

    You can go to the Microsoft SQL Server How to Buy site for your licensing options.

  • Can I define sub-tasks for my task.

    You can now create sub-tasks within a task and update on the status of each sub-task.

  • Can I make a report of problems assigned to a specific person?

    With our Problem Search feature, select a person in the Assigned To field from our search page, upon receiving the query results, click on the Print to Excel to produce the reports in the Microsoft Excel format.

  • How does icTracker organize projects?

    Projects are assigned to a department.

  • How does icTracker organize problems?

    Problems are assigned to projects, and each project is assigned to a department.

  • How does icTracker organize tasks?

    Tasks are assigned to projects, and each project is assigned to a department.

  • What do I receive when I purchase icTracker?

    When you purchase icTracker, we will email you a link to our icTracker download site. This download site describes detail specification on how to install icTracker software components onto your website.

  • Does icTracker have automatic email notification?

    Yes, the option to send automatic email notification for a new task or a problem can be set in each user's Preference options. You can also manually send an email message to your project team members and others in your company along with your project, task, or issue specification information using our Email submission page.

  • Are there different types of users in icTracker?

    icTracker has Normal users and Administrative users.  Administrative users have additional privileges such as:

    • Establish and maintain departments
    • Establish and maintain department personnels
    • Establish and maintain icTracker parameters such as bug fix priority, bug statuses, etc.
    • Maintain icTracker application profiles such as login requirements, default page size, default text lines, Email notification, initial page display requirement, etc.

  • We are concerned about the ability to have occasional projects that cross departmental lines. Is this possible with icTracker?

    Yes.  With icTracker V1.6 or later, icTracker software allows assigning a user to multiple departments. By creating a special department with access level of PUBLIC and defining these projects in this department will allow you to assign users from different departments to participate in these projects.

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