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How is our Project Management Software package different from theirs?


  • icTracker runs on your browser fast.

Fully web-based, icTracker is accessible from any browser, anywhere. Everything you need is downloadable. Everything is virtual except our commitment to full support. Licensed versions are available for deployment on your corporate intranet, your extranet, or on the Internet itself.


  • icTracker exploits the servers and the applications you already have in place.

Windows, Microsoft Office, IIS, Internet Explorer, SQL Server, icTracker makes the most of the money and memory you've already invested to create a Windows work environment. Built on the familiar browser client/web server/database server architecture, blessed with a simple, thoughtful interface, icTracker integrates the hardware, the software, and the skills you already have in place to empower your employees to work hard, work smart.


  • icTracker is an efficient place to work.

You know what a pain it is to leave the task you're doing in order to open another application you need to use. With icTracker, that never happens. You can send email to co-workers directly from multiple locations within the product. Access other websites. Store and open documents of all kinds, whether the application that created them is open or not. All the tools you need are integrated into this clean, well-lighted virtual workspace. And icTracker navigation makes is easy to get where you need to be next, so you're never stuck in a dead end, all dressed up with no place to go.


  • icTracker is a pattern, not a prison.

Too many project management packages insist that you learn their vocabulary and do things their way. icTracker lets you and your employees tailor the application to your own industry and your own preferred ways of working. You name, you shape, you customize. And then you get to work.


  • icTracker is not just storage, it's communication.

Okay, so icTracker is good at helping you keep track of thingspeople, projects, tasks, processes, deadlines, bugs, versions, files of just about any kind. It gives you good tools to monitor, to search, and to report. But it's even better at letting you share resources and information in a dynamic team process that includes project-centered online meeting places, automatic email notifications, and a document storage system that lets your team members use the full collaborative power of the parent applications.


  • icTracker is easy to learn and easy to use.

Structure, navigation, naming are all so simple, so consistent, and so sensible that most users can master the program in about an hour. Administering icTracker isn't rocket science, either. What it does require is that you think about your own work patterns carefully enough that you make good choices about creating things like document categories and custom fields. If time is money, that's time well spent.


  • icTracker is scalable.

Let's be honest. You probably wouldn't want to try to run even a smallish country with icTracker. But we're quite certain that any organization with up to a hundred users will function much more efficiently with icTracker. In general, IC Tracker is just as big as your database. And no bigger than your budget.


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