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Software Pricing

icTracker Software Pricing

icTracker is licensed based on the total number of named active users.

Every user you define in icTracker counts as one user.  Any user account can be disabled at any time and reassgined to someone else.

The following table shows the named license packages available for icTracker.  If you have any questions, please contact us at sales@ic-soft.com.

Product Price (USD)
5 Named Licenses $849
10 Named Licenses $1,449
15 Named Licenses $1,999
20 Named Licenses $2,499
30 Named Licenses $3,570
40 Named Licenses $4,299
80 Named Licenses $8,299
100 Named Licenses $9,949
120 Named Licenses $11,999
More than 120 Named Licenses Contact sales@ic-soft.com
icTracker is web-based project management software
For Sales Inquiries, Contact Sales
icTracker is task management software
Software Support Pricing
When you purchase icTracker software, you will receive 60 days support free of charge.
To continue receiving icTracker support, Support Contracts are $0.06 per user per day.
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icTracker is task management software Important :  Please read these carefully before making an online purchase:
  • Please read the System Requirements for icTracker.
  • Once you complete your order processing. You can download the complete icTracker package from our download site. This package can be installed on your local intranet Web server or your corporate internet server.
  • You can also download the IC Soft icTracker Installation Guide and icTracker Administrator's Guide documents from our download site to assure smooth installation.
  • When deciding how many user licenses to acquire, please note that your first administrator account is free of charge. This means that you can have up to 11 named users for 10 Named Licenses.

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