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icTracker is web-based project management software

Working with a Project Problem (Issue, Bug)

While Projects and Tasks are matters of planning and intention, Problems (issues, bugs) are unforeseen errors, defects, or circumstances that produce negative impacts or incorrect results. Their speedy resolution depends on how carefully they are reported and how clearly they are analyzed. When entering Problems in icTracker, be as thorough as possible in your description of the circumstances that produced the problem and how it manifested itself.

Every problem is always assigned to exactly one person until it is closed.

Here's the normal lifecyle of a bug:

  • A tester finds a problem, enters the problem information, and assign it to the person responsible for solving this problem. When a problem is added to the icTracker, icTracker automatically sends an email to the person you assigned to resolve the problem. This email contains problem detail as well as the link to the icTracker Problem Detail page for direct access.

  • The person you assigned to the problem fixes it, and update the problem information and save the information and send an email to the tester to check that it is fixed.

  • The tester retests the condition and confirms that it is in fact fixed and closes the problem.

icTracker keeps track of all changes to a problem in our audit history and any of project staff can review any changes.

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